April Affirmations 2021 - Positive Affirmations for April 2021

April Affirmations 2021 - Positive Affirmations for April 2021
Authored By Michelle Rojas

We made it through March and now it's a new month - we are fully into the Spring season and this an opportunity to rebirth yourself and set your intentions for new goals and new beginnings.

In April, we have the sun in Aries at the beginning of the month and then it goes into Taurus on April 20th so we see influences of Aries season energy and the earthy energy of Taurus. Below are some April Affirmations:

april affirmations 2021

April Affirmations #1

I allow myself to rest, renew and restore myself and open up to new beginnings.

In April, we are fully into the Spring season. We've no left the cold, wintery months behind us and it's time to open ourselves up for new beginnings and transformations. As we see new life all around us in nature with plants blooming and bird chirping, we will feel the same sense of newness in our internal world. It is important that we prioritize our rest and health so we can be fully equipped to handle and take on our new goals and intentions for the season.

April Affirmations #2

I have the power to create my reality and design my life as I desire.

With the freshness of Spring, we are reminded that life goes in cycles just like nature around us. With the birth of Spring around us, we become inspired to tap back into our personal power and remember that we are the creators of our reality. With Aries energy around also, we have this go-getter attitude for life and we know that anything that we focus our energy on is possible. 

April Affirmations #3

I remind myself to be present in the moment so I can experience joy fully.

Although we may be setting new intentions and goals for the season, we are also reminded by Spring to embrace the present moment and appreciate the beauty around us. Being present and truly taking in the feeling of moment and experiences will allow us to fully experience joy. Joy is a high frequency feeling and emotion that helps us open up to more abundance and wealth in all areas of our lives.


Let us know if you have any personal April affirmations that you feel speak to you this month. Here's to a new intentional month full of rebirth and healing.

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