Aquarius Season Energy & Focus - Aquarius Season Vibes

Aquarius Season Energy & Focus - Aquarius Season Vibes
Authored By Michelle Rojas

We are halfway through Aquarius season, but we can still feel Aquarius energy strongly during this time until February 19th when Pisces season starts.

Aquarius Season Energy

Aquarius, as most air signs, is an intellectual sign that’s all communication and relationships with others. Since Aquarius is the sign of networking and community, they are most concerned with platonic relationships.

Aquarius has an open-hearted approach to life and has a strong desire to connect with others and is a team player so during Aquarius season you may find it easier to cooperate and work with others.

Aquarius is also a sign of deep thinkers and geniuses, so you might find yourself being more imaginative during Aquarius season. You might also feel yourself itching to learn about new things.

The sign of Aquarius is also a fixed sign so you might find yourself being a bit stubborn and feeling like you want to get your way more than usual. You might be feeling like your strategies or solutions are ideal, but make sure to keep an open mind to understanding the ideas of others, which can be just as good as yours.

aquarius season vibes

Aquarius Season - Aquarius Ruling Planets

Aquarius is ruled by two planets - Saturn and Uranus. This explains why Aquarius works hard towards love, not war. Saturn is a planet of responsibility, tasks, and structure and is what gives Aquarius the commitment of bettering the world.

Uranus, however, is the opposite of Saturn and likes to disrupt the system and rules. Aquarius season energy is eccentric, rebellious and brilliant, but usually for a cause.

Aquarius season may have you asking yourself what you can do to contribute to bettering the world and what unique part about you and your skills can help you do your part.

Although Aquarius is a loving and generous sign, Aquarius season energy can also bring up some feelings of being self-conscious and individualistic. This doesn't mean they are only concerned about themselves, but they are very aware of how they stand out in a group and their unique characteristics.

Aquarius season and energy helps you gain a deeper understanding of who you authentically are, what you're truly interested in and notice more of your quirks. Aquarius season is a time when people are more collectively accepting of oddities and quirks.

Aquarius Season Focus

Aquarius season challenges us to let go of negativity and focus on the good things in our lives - our goals, our relationships and the things that are truly aligned with who we are.

Aquarius season will have you desiring more ownership over your work and goals. As far as relationship goes, you'll crave deep conversations in your platonic and romantic relationships - you want to get to know others and yourself at a deeper level.

But, what are the overall Aquarius season vibes? Chill AF, get shit done, own your shit, deep intellectually stimulating convos over a glass of your favorite wine.

Aquarius season energy will impact all zodiac signs but Aquarius sun and Leo sun signs will feel it most. 



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