February Affirmations 2021 - Affirmations for February 2021

February Affirmations 2021 - Affirmations for February 2021
Authored By Michelle Rojas

The beginning of a new month means you have the opportunity to set new intentions and reset the frequency for yourself. February 2021 is no different. In February we have the sun in Aquarius at the beginning of the month and then it goes into Pisces on February 19th so we see influences of both signs in energy - the authentic, eclectic, humanitarian Aquarius and the highly intuitive and empathic Pisces. Below are some February Affirmations: 

february affirmations

February Affirmation #1

I am worthy of receiving all the love, wealth and success that I desire.

This month we celebrate Valentine's day, but we have to be mindful that the love we receive from anyone else begins with the love and care we have for ourselves.

We must also make sure we have enough love for ourselves so that we can give love and care to the ones we hold dearest to our hearts. Love is also a high frequency that opens you up to receive abundance in all forms including wealth and success.

Remind yourself that you are truly worth of all that you have ever desired. Open yourself up to receive these things so they can flow into your life.


February Affirmation #2

I am loved and needed and valued just as I am.

Who you are at the core of your soul and spirit is very much loved. Your spirit was placed here and given a mission because you are loved, needed and valued just as you are. 

Dive deep into yourself and remember who you are at the very core of your being. Think of your inner child - who was your inner child? What did they enjoy? Tap into that. Your inner child is dying to come out and play and live life as authentically as possible. The more authentic you are, the more you will attract the right people and things into your life because you will be more aligned with who you are.

February Affirmation #3

I release any fears of living a life that aligns with who I really am.

Do you feel that? Do you feel that when you do something or say something or accept something that doesn't sit right with your energy, you feel off? You literally feel it in your body when something doesn't align with you are really are. 

You have control here. You are the creator of your reality. You can choose what you interact with and what comes in direct contact with your energy and frequency. Make sure it aligns with who you really are and what you really desire. The more you align yourself with the things that truly embody your authentic self, the more you will continue to attract the abundance you desire into your life.


Let us know if you have any personal February affirmations that you feel speak to you this month. Here's to a new month full of love, abundance and success. 

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