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If you joined us for the live session about "What is Earthing / Grounding" that we did on Instagram with Sandra from Reiki Power of Light about earthing and grounding, you might already know some of this information, but I also wanted to expand on some of the topics we covered and provide some additional resources for you.

Definition of Earthing: What is Earthing or Grounding?

The definition of earthing is a therapy that involves you doing things with one of your five senses to electrically reconnect with nature and Mother Earth.

Also called "Grounding" or "Earth's Electromagnetic Effect," earthing is a healing therapy that is based on physics and earth science.

How does Earthing Work?

Earthing can seem like a new age, trendy idea to some, but there is actually some real science to it. As Sandra explained during our live session, your body and cells are composed of both negative and positive ions.

Because we live and work in environments that are disconnected from the Earth and are contaminated with pollutants, we are often off balance and carry more positive ions than negative ions.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us are stuck at home working under artificial lights, around artificial man-made materials, which can cause us to produce more positive ions in our body. Stress, and lower vibrational emotions like it, can also cause our bodies to produce more positive ions than negative ions.

By making direct contact with the Earth, we are able to restore the balance in our physical bodies of the negative and positive ions.

Negative ions are only produced in nature. Meteorological changes and thunderstorms, for example, help the Earth purify itself and restore its own balance.

** DID YOU GUYS CATCH THE STORMS IN THE SOUTHEAST THE LAST FEW NIGHTS??? Get out there and try some earthing if you haven't already!**

Earthing allows you to connect and come into contact with negative ions.

By connecting with nature through one of your five senses, you can obtain negative ions to help you achieve balance.

Why is Earthing / Grounding Important for Our Health and Wellness?

When there is an imbalance of positive ions and negative ions, we experience things like inflammation in our cells, which can negatively impact our physical, emotional and mental health. Inflammation in our cells can lead to chronic pain and chronic diseases.

Benefits of Earthing: Why Use Grounding

The most important benefit of earthing is that it helps you be conscious and mindful. This is not just a trend, it’s a necessary therapy for our physical and mental wellness. There are scientific studies supporting this including this one.

Grounding is the connection with ourselves. With grounding, you help your body naturally heal every process that causes overcharges of positive ions, which can cause:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Blood Pressure
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Earthing for Anxiety

Earthing and Grounding is a natural healing process that improves your lifestyle. It makes you more connected with Nature and every single thing around you.

Grounding is a natural medicine that helps you to connect with the present moment . THE HERE AND NOW.

Earthing helps you to process every emotion that causes your anxiety . We have to live with the emotions that every situation brings, but we can’t avoid them.

We just have to feel them, recognize them and change them in a positive way.

And one of those positive ways is by grounding, because it reconnects you with the present moment.

Grounding Techniques: How do I Experience Grounding Right Now?

You can practice earthing / grounding by connecting with nature with any of your 5 physical senses. While grounding, we ask permission from Mother Earth to give to Her whatever situation we want to transmute so that energy will transform in a positive way.

Some grounding techniques include:

  • Walking barefoot on grass
  • Walking into a river/body of water
  • Listening to rainfall
  • Listening to birds chirping
  • Listening to a thunderstorm
  • Listening to the wind blow against leaves
  • Connecting with a moment in nature

One of my personal favorites (and Sandra's) is gardening, which gives you the pleasure of seeing your little plants grown from your hands .

What if I Can't Go Outside or Don't Have Easy Access to Nature Outside? How Can I Practice Earthing Inside?

Again, gardening is wonderful way to experience grounding and grounding benefits. You can buy a little herb plant at the grocery store or any type of plant and nurture it and grow it inside your home to practice grounding inside. You can crack a window and listen to birds chirping outside also.

They Tried Earthing / Grounding - Here’s What They Said!

"Thank you again for a great kick off call and an informative live! I went out and walked barefoot in the rain on the grass this morning. It was amazing (cold, but amazing!). We need many resources for managing the challenges of living. Thanks to you and your aunt, I now have another one. :)"

Janet Huehls, MS
Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Certified Health Coach
Certified Yoga Teacher

I hope this post has been informative and you feel inclined to give earthing a try to gain all the benefits it has to offer. For me, it has helped tremendously with my anxiety. If you do give it a try, I'd love to hear from you!

DM me on Instagram or contact me here.

I wanted to end with a reminder: Remember to be mindful, be present and be kind to yourself.


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