The Pixiu Bracelet is worn for protection, good luck and fortune.

Pixiu Bracelet Meaning

Pixiu or Pi Xiu is a spiritual symbol that is a Chinese mythical creature with a head that resembles the fierce look of a dragon head, a horse body and unicorn claws. Pixiu has a winged animal's body that looks like a lion covered with whitish-grey fur.

Pixiu is fond of water, jewels, gold and silver, which is why Pixiu and the Pixiu bracelet is known to attract good fortune and wealth. It also known for warding off evil spirits and protection.

How to Wear Pixiu Bracelet

Is there a specific way on how to wear pixiu bracelet? The Pixiu bracelet is meant to draw in wealth and fortune so there is a particular way you should wear it. 

The Pixiu bracelet can be especially beneficial for business owners or those in career fields that involve business.

Which hand should you wear the Pixiu bracelet on? Pixiu bracelets should be worn on the left hand, making sure the Pixiu head is facing outward. This is because energy goes into the human body from the left and goes out from the right.

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