Harvest Moon 2021 - Full Moon in Pisces 2021

Harvest Moon 2021 - Full Moon in Pisces 2021
Authored By Michelle Rojas

Our Moon has always played a central role in ancient mythology, birth, navigation, harvest and vitality throughout history. The Full Moon in Pisces 2021 is no different, countless esoteric designations are attributed to the Moon and its supernatural powers and the blessings it brings to humanity. 

We are entering the age of enlightenment in terms of the cosmological process, and our planetary cycle, the full moon in Pisces 2021 affects our emotions, consciousness and body. 

When is the Full Moon in September 2021?

September 20th at 7:55pm EST, is the time when the Full Moon in Pisces will occur. Represented by an abundance of bright lunar light in the early evening hours, the Full Moon was of great importance to farmers in the time before electricity, as the bright light helped farmers work efficiently during the harvesting of their crops. For this reason, they called this Full Moon the "Harvest Moon".

How does the Harvest Moon 2021 affect us?

The September Harvest Full Moon rises in the sign of Pisces, a water sign that empowers sensitive and emotional awareness to those born when the Sun was 'in' the Constellation of Pisces.

Full Moon in Pisces Affirmations

Here are some Full Moon in Pisces affirmations to help you navigate the energetic influences of this full moon:

  • I give myself permission to express myself even if I don't fully understand what I am feeling.
  • I honor my creativity through music, art or any other expression that aligns with my authentic self.
  • I allow myself to release pent-up emotions that I've refused to admit to myself or others in the past.

full moon in pisces affirmations

Full Moon in Pisces 2021 - How will it affect each zodiac sign?

With the Full Moon in Pisces, the heart chakra opens wide, making this stage an opportunity to dive deep into our emotional lives. Similar to Pisces Season, this energy will tap into our sensitive frequency, causing a vibrational influence on our emotions, such as:

  • Motivating energy that influences you to express yourself even if you don't fully understand your emotions
  • Energy that allows you to honor your creativity through music, art or other artistic expressions that align with your authentic self
  • Releasing pent-up emotions that you've refused to admit to yourself or others in the past

This Full Moon in Pisces energy may come as a relief for some, but there are also some feelings of disappointment that are necessary for your next level of personal growth. For those feeling disappointment, try not to sulk in these negative feelings for long.


This Harvest Full Moon is an opportunity to slow down your mind and let go of what no longer serves you. Take this event as a spiritual cleansing process and surrender to the power of your intuition.


You may feel that your purpose in life is something you can finally understand and follow. Take this opportunity to challenge yourself if you feel you are stuck in a comfort zone.


If you have doubts about your professional life, stay in tune with higher forces. You're going to be able to connect with a higher calling if you keep your mind open, it may not be what you hope to achieve.


Prepare yourself for a mystical experience. In case you prefer to cling to your beliefs, remember that life is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so why not?


The Harvest Moon brings a strong relationship experience with a great deal of self-discovery attached. Stay attentive and take this opportunity to experience Oneness with the world around you and with your family.


If the Harvest Moon 2021 asks you to question your altruistic inclination, take the time to consider whether you are doing what you love most. This is an opportunity to release control and surrender to the flow of love and compassion.


With this Harvest Moon 2021, it's time to make the best of your situation. Walk the line of certainty, do what needs to be done and delve into what needs to be understood.


The Full Moon in Pisces 2021 is an opportunity to unleash your power of manifestation. There is no secret, simply connect deeply with your inner self and let your potential be the creator.


Full Circle. Embrace the energetic flow to discover what needs to stay and what needs to go, you may find you need to go back to your roots.


You are being called to dissolve the boundaries of your mind. If you allow the Harvest Moon 2021 to raise your frequency, you will use your imagination in ways you never even imagined.


Aquarius, it's time to tap in to your emotions and fully feel your feels. Trust your intuition to discover why you're feeling these things.  


With the Full Moon in Pisces, in your sign, your inner self will be able to emerge without intervention. Accept the flow of magical information.

Activities and Rituals to Connect with the Full Moon in Pisces and Its Energetic Influence

The Full Moon in Pisces 2021 is the opportunity to reap the fruits of your personal and professional goals. With the Moon at its cusp, your energetic intentions come full circle to fruition. It is a time of settling and consideration.

Full Moon Meditation

If you enjoy meditation, take this opportunity to step into the void to manifest your inner self and materialize the best results you can imagine for your personal and professional goals. You can also start meditating during the Brahma Muhurta phase, which occurs between 2:00 am and 6:00 am. At this time, the mind is still and offers the best opportunity to enter a deep meditative state.

Charge your Crystals Under the Full Moon in Pisces

Crystals are tools of energetic empowerment, balance and protection. The Full Moon is the best time to expose them to the power of light and purify its spiritual configuration.


Gather a collection of thoughts you want to agree with, this is a great time to realize the power of our intentions.

As human beings, we are the creators of reality, furthermore, every element in the Cosmos is a representation of our own inner selves, mind, heart and consciousness. 

Let us use the awareness of nature and the cosmic energy of the Full Moon in Pisces 2021 to release and end chapters that no longer serve our higher selves, or our communities or tribes.

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