Pisces Season Meaning: What Does Pisces Season Mean?

Pisces Season Meaning: What Does Pisces Season Mean?
Authored By Michelle Rojas

We are ending Aquarius season 2021 and approaching Pisces season, a water sign. But what does Pisces season mean? What cosmic energy will we collectively feel during Pisces season 2021?

When Does Pisces Season Start? When is Pisces Season?

The sun enters the final sign of the zodiac on February 18th, which is when Pisces season stars. Pisces season starts on February 18th/19th and ends on March 20th. 

What is Pisces Season? Pisces Season Meaning

Pisces is a water sign of the zodiac. Water signs are known to be highly sensitive and imaginative. They feel all the feels and because of this are very loyal and compassionate individuals. 

The Pisces season energy and Pisces season meaning will have you feeling all the feels, while still being calm and cool. Pisces season energy helps you find compassion and empathy for others.

During Pisces season, other water signs, including Cancer and Scorpio, will be shining bright. However, mutable signs such as Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius will be feeling the feels the strongest.

Pisces is both a water sign and a mutable sign, which gives the Pisces season meaning of simultaneously feeling eager for change, flexible, adaptable and emotional, intuitive and deep.

Pisces gets a bad rap for being super emotional and sensitive, but this Pisces season energy helps us open up more to both ourselves and others. During Pisces season, you may be able to more effectively work on improving your emotional intelligence.

Pisces season may make you feel like it's time to slow down and may not be the best planning season. However, it can be a great time for emotional and shadow work - crying is ok and can help you release during this time.

Journaling, listening to music or opening up to others about how much you care about them may also help maneuver Pisces season energy.

what does pisces season mean

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