Full Moon October 2021 - Full Moon in Aries 2021

Full Moon October 2021 - Full Moon in Aries 2021
Authored By Michelle Rojas

On October 20th, 2021, we will experience the Hunter's Moon at 10:57 EST. The Full Moon in Aries 2021 will be in the sign of Aries at 27° and will affect all the zodiac signs, but it will have a special and deeper effect on the cardinal signs (Libra-air, Aries-fire, Cancer-water, Capricorn-earth).

To understand better the significance and importance of this full moon in Aries 2021 on our inner selves, let's delve into the different symbolic positions and effects that we will experience both forcibly and willingly. Continue reading to get a better vision and clearer understanding of this amazing phenomenon.

Significance of a Hunter's Moon - Full Moon October 2021

For starters, let's understand why this full moon October 2021 was named Hunter's Moon. The reason behind this name is that our ancestors had to start gathering meat and hunting for the upcoming winter.

Not only will hunting during the winter be difficult and counterproductive, but animals during this pre-winter phase begin to grow some extra meat and layers to fight the cold.

All of these factors made this period of October the best for hunters, and they kept track of it thanks to the full moon.

Physical and Psychological Transformation of a Full Moon in Aries

Generally speaking, all full moons signify new beginnings or shifts in interests and priorities. These transformations have physical and psychological aspects to them.

Physically, the Moon being perfectly aligned with Earth and Sun boosts the effect of tides and results in extremely high and low tides during each full moon. But the full moon in October adds an extra layer because of how plants wither and die, the weather becomes colder to prepare for winter, and daylight becomes shorter and shorter.

All of these physical transformations have effects on us, there's no denying it. But the psychological aspects are much more powerful and significant, especially when the Hunter's Moon occurs in Aries.

That's because during that exact moment in time, the sun, which symbolizes our true self, is perfectly in opposition with the moon, which is our inner self.

This opposition, although it may sound violent, is nothing but a chance for us to be completely open and honest with our true thoughts and emotions.

When the moon is at its fullest, it's also at its brightest. This maximum energy and vitality will push you to align with yourself and pursue what your inner self truly desires. Additionally, there’s an extra full moon in Aries meaning we are yet to discover.

Full Moon in Aries Meaning

As we all know, Aries is a zodiac sign driven by fire and passion. She is feisty and fierce and can lead herself and people around her that matter towards their common shared goal. Being ruled by Mars, all of these fire elements combine to give us the confidence, lively, and fierce Aries.

Aries is the first zodiac sign in the zodiac cycle, which means that the full moon October 2021 will bring new beginnings and will shine a light on the right path you must follow to reach your deepest most truthful desires.

Let's not forget that this full moon in Aries 2021 will also be at degree 27°. As you know, 2 + 7 = 9 which symbolizes the completion and absolute peak of a cycle. It signifies the end of a journey where you learned, grew, and will soon move on from.

This all falls perfectly into place when you bring into perspective that 4 of the major planets were in retrograde for the past few months.

Pluto was pushing us to question power, Saturn was allowing us to explore what is limiting our inner true self, Jupiter was shining a light on good or bad beliefs that shaped our perception of ourselves.

And finally, Mercury, which put us through a long journey of being stuck and trying to figure out the anchor pulling us down.

Now that these four retrogrades are done, we are left with enough knowledge and lessons learned about ourselves.

Right now, and because we understand the full moon in Aries meaning, we're ready for this October full moon in Aries 2021 to question these lessons and commence on a new journey with new beginnings.

How to Fully Experience this Full Moon in Aries 2021

As we've seen until now, the full moon in Aries meaning is both the end of a long journey and the beginning of a new one.

After all the hardships you've been through after the retrograde, you are now ready to seal this part of your life and start a new one where you won't repeat the same mistakes and you'll become more aligned with your true self.

Open Yourself to Your Inner Self

To fully experience this upcoming full moon in Aries 2021 and allow it to rinse off any remnants of your past negative life and to allow it to guide you towards your true self and purpose in life, you must be open to a Max.

Your eyes and ears should be wide open and directed towards your inner self. You must listen carefully because, at that exact moment of the perfect full moon October 2021, your alignment with your true self will occur.

Your inner self will start seeking creative solutions for you to find your balance and purpose in life.

It will help you grow by creating a foundation for balance for you and the people around you. Your ego will recede for a moment to allow your inner self to express, guide, and heal.

The best way for you to be this open to your truth is by practicing mindfulness activities. Consider journaling or meditating a few minutes before 10:57.

Prepare yourself for the rush of alignment of this full moon in Aries 2021 and don't be scared of what you might discover.

Whether it's good or bad, learning the creative solutions your inner self came up with for your balance is extremely crucial.

When you know and understand what these elements in your life are, you have all the power and freedom to either improve them or overcome them.

Be brave and let the spirit of Aries guide you and lead You through this amazing spiritual moment.

Be Honest and Mindful

While you're in your mindful zone, either journaling, meditating, or just being present in the moment, make sure that you're neither passively nor actively blocking your own judgment.

Try to be 100% open and honest with yourself and keep track of any realization, no matter how small it is, that occurs to you in those moments. Except who you are, with your flaws and all, and allow this full moon in Aries 2021 to prepare you for your glorious future when you're aligned with your true self.

Release What's Holding You Back

Don't hold on nor cling to anything if you realize that it's standing in the way of you becoming aligned with your true self. It might be difficult to accept the fact that your fate is between your hands, and that controlling and changing your actions is crucial for your future excellence.

Now that you know the full moon in Aries meaning, if you come to a realization that something you deeply love is toxic for you or is holding you back, please don't blindly cling to it.

Sometimes it's important to release what isn't serving us at the moment.

Your true future self will be so grateful for your sacrifice and will have more fruitful benefits on you on every level. And remember, if something is meant for you, then it will find its way back to you even if you release it.

It's important to understand that, although this experience is life-changing, it won't happen overnight. And it especially won't happen all by itself, you need to engage and be willing to accept and sacrifice any necessary change you need to make.

You should understand that becoming true to yourself is in your own hands only, and not in whether or not the planets are aligned. For so many of us, this full moon October 2021 will not mean anything.

People will be living their lives completely oblivious to whether or not a life-changing phenomenon is happening literally over their heads.

The significance of this phenomenon is only related to how open and willing you are to take this opportunity and make the most of it.

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