What is Scorpio Season? Scorpio Season Meaning

What is Scorpio Season? Scorpio Season Meaning
Authored By Michelle Rojas

The spookiest season of the year is finally here! From October 23rd to November 22nd, we will all delve into the deep and dark realm of Scorpio season.

But before getting to any conclusions, let’s first understand the Scorpio season meaning and ask ourselves what is scorpio season, how can we deal with the intense and raw emotions it brings about, and finally what each sign should understand about the Scorpio season meaning and effects both individually and as a group.

And that's exactly what we will do in today's article, so make sure you continue reading until the end for extra tips!

When Does Scorpio Season Start

Scorpio season starts on October 23rd and lasts until November 22nd. As it’s a season of intense profound emotions, you’ll definitely feel the shift in the Sun’s position on October 23rd (some may even experience it on the evening or night of October 22nd).

The Scorpio season meaning can be drawn from Scorpio’s position among the other zodiac signs. It’s our fixed water sign, coming at the 8h spot in the astrological order. All of these different aspects are what give Scorpio their unbelievable charm, mystery, and emotional depth.

What is Scorpio Season

As a Water Sign

Water Signs are the most emotionally-aware and highly intuitive among the other elements. They have all the characteristics of water itself like flowing naturally through hardships and being able to easily transform from one state of existence to another. Water signs can be as naturally flowing as a liquid, cold and reserved like an ice cube, or free and adaptive like a gas. These water sign qualities bring a new dimension to our understanding of this Scopio season meaning! 

As a Fixed Sign

Fixed signs are known to be stubborn but focused and determined. They are independent but extremely helpful and reliable to those closest to them. 

One of the greatest flaws of fixed signs is that they can easily hold grudges against others or retreat as soon as their balance is threatened and they feel even the slightest unsafe. If you’ve ever been around one of the fixed signs or you’re one yourself, then you know exactly what this means!

As the 8th House Season

Everything about Scorpios has its own deep and original meaning behind it. For example, being the 8th house in astrological order of signs and houses, the Scorpio season meaning expense to include a wider spectrum. If we flip number eight to 90 degrees horizontally, we will end up with the infinity sign. this finding was not at random because the infinity sign in astrology refers to the endless cycle of life and all the changes and transformations that occur and reoccur. This can be also deduced from the Scorpio season coming during autumn, which is the season of nature's rebirth where big changes occur to our nature, with her, feelings, etc.

Coming Right After Libra Season and the Full Moon in Aries

Scorpio season comes directly after Libra season, which pushed us to balance our competing desires and find a common ground both individually and with people around us.

Because this past Libra season wrapped up so many important planet retrogrades while also including a full moon towards the end, the season was all about transformation, growth, and emotional, financial, professional, and mental stability.

Because of all of these important changes that all of us have been through in the past few months, Scorpio season comes into action and sprinkles a little bit of darkness and depth onto our journeys to completely balance our light and darkness alike.

That's why you should accept and embrace any dark desires you might experience in the upcoming weeks. Let your darkness paradoxically shine and enhance the flow of the optimized balance between the light and darkness.

Allow yourself to explore any hidden sexual fantasies or desires because that's what the Scorpio season meaning is all about!

What is Scorpio Season New Moon on Nov 4th

On November 4th, both the Sun and the full moon will be in Scorpio. This will be a turning point for all the zodiac signs, but especially for scorpios. For all of the other signs, your emotional depth and sexual intensity will come to the fore. You might start feeling some intense emotions and transformation in terms of your libido.

As for our beloved Scorpios, in the middle of an entire Scorpio season, you will have that one moment on November 4th where your inner and outer selves will collide in an oppositional manner.

At that moment you will have an important chance to align yourself with who you truly are inside. You'll feel more inclined to dig deeper into who you really are and what's stopping you from becoming your most authentic version. Try to meditate or do some introspective activities to investigate further, we know you love to do that!

What is Scorpio Season Energy Like for Each Sign

Now, let's see how each sign will draw a different Scorpio season meaning from everything we mentioned until now!


To our beloved leading sign, we would like to say that after the Libra season, the full moon and Aries, and Mars being in retrograde, things have been quite intense on you lately. Try to apply everything you learned through these hardships and continue on your soul searching journey.


Dear Taurus, the Scorpio season meaning for you Mike to manifest as deep, dark, and crude emotions you might have never experienced before. Try to contain these emotions and Use them to your advantage. Make sure to embrace them and understand them before they turn into dark manipulative or envious behavior.


During the first 10 days or so, your leading planet, Mercury, will be in retrograde. This might be a difficult time for you, full of hardships and strong life changing lessons. Accept everything happening around you and to you, and prepare yourself to learn and grow after the Mercury retrograde, which will end in the middle of the Scorpio season.


You might find yourself more keen on making yourself a priority. You will experience an intense flow of different emotions that you can use to your favor by expressing them through creative ways and art forms. We trust that you find the most artistic and expressive means of showing these emotions and containing them properly.


After a long time of being focused on your individual growth and transformation, the Scorpio season for you will manifest in needing a deeper connection with your family and loved ones. Try to do some introspection on how to optimize this reconnection with your surroundings and let it help you grow from within.


Virgo, we would like to tell you that everything is going to be just fine. You might start this Scorpio season on shaky grounds in different aspects of your life, including your work and relationships. Try to be as honest and open about your feelings as you can before they get a good grip on you and turn into manipulative or unpleasant feelings and behaviors.


The end of the Libra season might provoke some undervalued feelings in you, Libra. It's totally fine because as long as you know that your worth comes from within, then these feelings shouldn't continue affecting you as much. Instead of shifting into your passive aggressiveness or shutting down on others, try to speak about your feelings more and express them instead.


First off, Happy birthday season! The Scorpio season for Scorpios is extremely powerful because both your Sunand Mars will be in your sign! With the new moon that's happening on November 4th, you have all the chances to work on your inner self, relationships, and career as well! You will feel an urge of confidence and ability to grow through anything! They focused on your goals by being your ambitious and determined true self.


After this past Libra season, you might find yourself socially exhausted, Sagittarius. It's all going to be fine as long as you don't force yourself to overcome your schedule. Take some time to rest and recharge and try to get back in touch with your spiritual side and your surrounding loved ones.


After recently focusing on your career, now it’s time to shift your focus externally. Try to spend more time with your family and loved ones as the emotions and time you spend together will tell you so much about who you are and what you need to grow and transform. Take some time to build your professional network and reconnect with your co-workers as well!


You are another sign that will be immensely affected by the Mercury retrograde. But have no worries, as long as you stay focused and ready to embark on your personal growth journey, you’ll shine brighter than ever once November hits, which will mark the end of this retrograde!


For Pisces, there’s an inherent and deep Scorpio season meaning that manifests as growth and thought-expansion. You’ll have all the chances to use all the knowledge and tools you learned thus far for your advantage! Get ready for a n updated system of beliefs and a fresh point of view on life!

For all the signs, and especially scorpios, we would advise you to trust your intuition and prioritize your self-love.

Embrace all the dark and the passionate desires you experience in the upcoming weeks because what is Scorpio season without some extreme emotional and sexual flows?

You will feel an intake of emotional reality and need to dig even deeper, investigate, and get to the bottom of things, which are the main traits of Scorpios. Enjoy!

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