5 Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms

5 Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms
Authored By Michelle Rojas

The spiritual awakening journey and process is different for everyone and in reality it is not one-size-fits-all. However, there are spiritual awakening signs or spiritual awakening symptoms that you can observe about yourself if you are questioning if you are going through a spiritual awakening and asking yourself 'what is a spiritual awakening.'

Spiritual Awakening Signs 

Below are just a few spiritual awakening signs and spiritual awakening symptoms that can be common:

#1 - Noticing & Observing Your Patterns

One of the first spiritual awakening signs is the awareness of a shift in yourself. The fact that you are reading this right now is already a sign that you have noticed something different about yourself and you are observing yourself. 

This is one of the first steps of growth or any type of personal development including spiritual evolution and development.

Some questions you may starting asking yourself about your behavior are:

- Why do I constantly compare myself to others?

- Why do I consume so much alcohol?

- Why do I attract so much negativity and drama in my life?

- Why do I get angry easily?

- Do I need to eat this much red meat?

You may begin to feel yourself shift to becoming more present in the moment rather than being so concerned with the past or future.

#2 - You start questioning your perception of life, you ask deep questions and you think everything you've been taught is a lie

Another spiritual awakening symptom or sign is when you start questioning what you've believed in your entire life. You start asking questions such as:

- Why am I here?

- What's the purpose of life? What's the purpose of my life?

- What happens after death?

- Why do we experience suffering?

These profound questions may cause some uncertainty for you because you may not know the answers.

You start to realize that may of the values, opinions, beliefs and feelings you have about many things in life and you realize you've inherited them from society or other people. You becoming increasingly self aware and start developing your own beliefs that are true to who you really are.

#3 - You start to feel lost and alone and start to let go of certain attachments

Through the questioning of everything you've ever believed in and you choosing to walk away from the typical belief systems of those around you, you may start to feel alone in your beliefs.

You may start noticing that you no longer have an interest in the same activities or topics of conversations you did before.

This may lead to you dropping certain friendships or relationships. You may also start to consume different content that most people around you may not be interested in.

This is because through experiencing spiritual awakening symptoms and going through this internal process of growth, you will realize you are raising your personal vibrational frequency.

Whether you realize it or not, you've had attachments to these beliefs, people and things. You've defined yourself through these attachments. You may define yourself by the clothes you wear, what you eat on a daily basis, the people you spend time with, your political beliefs and how you spend your money.

Your true self has a pulse and vibration. Start viewing the beliefs you've previously had as veils that you need to dive deeper into to reveal the truth for yourself.

#4 - Your priorities start to shift

Another spiritual awakening sign you may notice in yourself is how you start to shift your personal priorities.

Through questioning and detachment of prior belief systems, you will begin to build your own unique ethical framework. This framework is led your Higher Self and is no longer led by your ego.

The ego is led by basic needs, where as the Higher Self is led by what's best in the moment.

Through your spiritual evolution, your behavior changes because you drop your ego-led mentality and shift to being more connected to your Higher Self.

Maslow called these values "being values" or "B-Values." these values include wholeness, aliveness, completion, beauty, truth and self-sufficiency.

#5 - A Deeper Feeling of Okayness and Inner Freedom

The ego is where our fears, tensions, stress and desires live. Once the ego is no longer in control of us, we have a deeper feeling of "okayness."

We have a sense of peace and inner freedom despite anything that is happening in the world around us whether it is good or bad.

When our spirit or soul is at the core of our belief system and the way we live our lives, we are more present and we experience more inner freedom. This is referred to as moksha or self-liberation in Hinduism.

There are more spiritual awakening symptoms and spiritual awakening signs than the ones listed above, but these are common ones that you may find yourself experiencing as you go through your spiritual awakening journey.

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