What is a Spiritual Awakening? Spiritual Awakening Meaning

What is a Spiritual Awakening?  Spiritual Awakening Meaning
Authored By Michelle Rojas

All over social media and the Internet, you'll often hear people use the term "woke" or talk about going through a spiritual journey or spiritual awakening. They post memes and selfies meditating or burning some sage or gratitude affirmations, but, what is a spiritual awakening, exactly?

What is a spiritual awakening?

spiritual awakening meaning

A spiritual awakening can sometimes be referred to as a spiritual journey or spiritual enlightenment. Often times, individuals who are experiencing a spiritual awakening don't even realize that it is happening.

During a spiritual awakening, you experience deep, internal personal transformation that goes beyond your outward appearance. You often question your views on matters within yourself and beyond yourself. Instead of asking, 'how did I come to be this way', you'll start questioning, 'who am I really'.

A spiritual awakening is a call to a deeper mental understanding, profound self awareness and higher consciousness. When you go through a spiritual awakening, you experience a noticeable shift in your mental framework that affects you holistically - mind, body and spirit.

Spiritual Awakening Meaning

One of the problems with the spiritual awakening meaning is the lack of a clear spiritual awakening definition.

What is a spiritual awakening, and is there a way to truly tell if you are experiencing one?

Through your spiritual awakening, you no longer views things through the filter of your ego. You no longer place a focus on the past or the future. You learn to be fully aware and present in the moment not only with yourself but with everything and everyone else around you.

A spiritual awakening helps you tap into the understanding that there although you are a unique soul like no one else, you also have a deep connection to everything outside of yourself.

It is a simultaneous, deep awareness of self, the Divine powers and the world around you including people, things, nature, ideas and energies. In essence, you see start to see yourself as both the ocean and a wave in the ocean. 

what is a spiritual awakening

During your spiritual awakening, you develop the ability to simultaneously maintain both the connection and separation of the self and the Universe. This ability indicates a different level of your personal and spiritual evolution.

Across your spiritual belief systems, you will see the spiritual awakening meaning and spiritual awakening definition described as a state of enlightenment or nirvana.

The shift into spiritual awakening occurs when your consciousness not only observes, but instead you begin asking yourself, who is observing?

Who am I? Who is the most authentic version of myself? What am I carrying with me that is not actually me? What experiences or traumas do I need to heal and address so I can return to the most truest, most authentic version of myself?

These questions and shift in conscious perspective will lead you to identify places of spiritual and personal development that you must actively work on in order to reach another level of your spiritual path and spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening is shifting your perspective from thinking to being - waking up from living unconsciously and realizing control your reality through your consciousness`. 

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