Full Moon in Leo Meaning & Full Moon in Leo Ritual

Full Moon in Leo Meaning & Full Moon in Leo Ritual
Authored By Michelle Rojas

The Full Moon in Leo in 2021 arrives on January 28th and is coming at us with all sorts of creative, stop sleeping on yourself and your potential while still having fun vibes. Are you ready to vibe higher and shine brighter with this full moon in Leo energy? What is the full moon in Leo meaning and what is a simple full moon in Leo ritual to practice?

Full Moon in Leo Meaning

Astronomically, the full moon in Leo meaning is when the sun and the moon are exactly opposite of one another. The near side of the sun’s light is fully reflected on the moon’s surface, which is why we see it as a full moon in the night sky.

The full moon in Leo meaning astrologically represents a time for endings, completions, release, illumination and resolution. During a full moon, you might be able to gain a deeper, clearer understanding of yourself or a circumstance or situation that’s been weighing in your mind or spirit. During a full moon, it is ideal that you turn inward, reflect and allow the Universe to help you gain clarity and share feedback on your current soul and life path.

The Full Moon in Leo specifically will have you looking at how you balance the needs of your personal ego with the the needs of the collective. Are the things you want for yourself also beneficial for everyone else that they could impact?

The Full Moon in Leo 2021 will create inspiration for you to seek romance and pleasure, while the Sun being in Aquarius will challenge you to remain objective and remember that you should also focus on the greater good. The energy of the Full Moon in Leo challenges you to seek a balance between both of these cosmic energies.

Because Jupiter will also be closely aligned with this full moon in Leo, it is especially important that you remain objective. Simultaneously, you will need to watch out for the Mars energy that will be sending out testy vibes to this full moon, which can cause personal egos to act up. Make sure you focus on love not war by letting any combative vibes roll off your back during the next few days.

The full moon in Leo in 2021 will affect every person to a certain extent, but the signs that will be most heavily impacted will be Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. Taurus will be focused on their home, Scorpio will be focused on their career and Aquarius will be focused on their relationships.

Full Moon in Leo Ritual

A Full Moon in Leo 2021 ritual is ideally done between January 26th, 2021 - February 2, 2021. Full Moon energy is most powerful 3 days before and 3 days after a Full Moon, which is on January 28th, 2021 in Leo this month.

Since the Full Moon is in the fire sign of Leo, opposite the Sun in Aquarius which is an air sign, we have the energetic interplay of fire and air. Both these elements are ideal for purification. You can implement a simple, yet powerful Full in Leo ritual that will help you remove and burn away any obstructions with the fire energy and refresh by blowing away any stagnant energy with the air energy.

What you'll need for a Full Moon in Leo ritual:

  • A quiet place
  • A small candle
  • Sage, incense or palo santo
  • Glass of water, fruit or crystal
  • A prayer or sacred phrase that is special to you to call in Divine energy, your ancestors, God and/or the Universe
  • Paper
  • Pen

Full Moon In Leo Ritual Steps:

#1 - Sit in a quiet place, preferably outside in nature or where you have a good view of the Full Moon in Leo in the horizon. To create an altar, you can draw a circle around you clockwise with your sage/incense or palo santo. Burn your candle and place a glass of water, a fruit or your favorite crystal in it.

#2 - Recite your prayer or phrase to connect with the Divine energy, Sprit, your ancestors, God and/or The Universe. Here's an example below:

"I'd like to call in my Ancestors, Spirit, the Divine, God and The Universe to pour blessings over this Full Moon in Leo Ritual. I ask for guidance and clarity as I go through this Ritual. With gratitude, please join me."

#3 - Take your paper and pen. You will need to break you paper into strips. I recommend 5-10 strips of paper. On each piece, write down things you wish to release. Things you wish to release could be:

  • feelings of doubt
  • fear
  • feelings of unworthiness
  • anxiety or stress
  • anger
  • resentment
  • anything that you feel is blocking you from what you desire

#4 - Take the strips of paper folded up and place them in your right hand. Hold your left hand over your right hand and say "burn away with the fire, blow away with the air, I release these things with the energy of this Full Moon in Leo." Then, burn the pieces of paper with the flame of your candle.

#5 - Sit in gratitude and appreciation for the release of these things and the support of the Full Moon in Leo and The Divine energy.

#6 - Meditate for a minimum of 8 minutes. If you are new to meditation, you can search for a guided meditation on YouTube by searching for "guided full moon meditation" or "guided chakra meditation." During this meditation, be open to receiving messages of clarity and guidance.

#7 - Saying a closing prayer similar to your opening prayer and thank your Ancestors, The Divine, God, Spirit or The Universe for joining you and helping you release things that don't serve you or your higher purpose.

#8  - Clear the circle and space using your sage, palo santo or incense by creating a circle in counter clockwise direction.


There are many different types of Full Moon rituals you can follow, but this is a simple, approachable method and can help you harness the Full in Leo energy to help you find the balance between Leo and Aquarius - the balance between "me" and "we."

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