New Moon in Libra: Find the balance, let the harmony grow

New Moon in Libra: Find the balance, let the harmony grow
Authored By Michelle Rojas

2020 has been really crazy, and October is like… You know, the cherry on top. This month has been full of the most intense astrological energy of the year, and the lunar energy is too. Wanna know about the new moon in Libra meaning? Keep reading so you can find out!

Well, let’s start with saying the new moon in Libra takes place within the realm of Libra, the air sign known for trying to find peace, love and harmony BUT, this is not gonna be as cute as it seems like, thanks to one of the biggest planetary dramas that’s happening right now, while you’re reading this and no, it does not involve a Virgo.

 We’re talking about one of the major aspects that put us in a ‘fighting mode’:

  • Mars retrograde in Aries: a rare and frustrating T-square.
  • Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn: raising tensions out of nowhere.

Long story short, we’re having a lot of internal conflicts, now that our little friend Mercury retrograde decided to join the party just days before the Super New Moon in Libra event, so basically, yeah. We’re all gonna feel this cosmic energy. 

New Moon in Libra Energy

I bet you’re thinking ‘what should I do?’ and the answer is quite simple. Right now, we must try our best to keep things cool, instead of venturing into some questions that could disturb our peace, ‘cause you know, hello Mercury, how are ya?

It’s been a harsh time, but it is time for us to find the best way to move forward in many situations, accept, learn to share, especially when talking about our feelings: the goods, and also the bad ones. In fact, this is an amazing moment to stop being afraid of who we are, despite any expectations people have about us. 

Stop being frustrated and most important: don’t let the detours turn into dead-ends or drain your energy away, because with hard times, we need to remain strong. Remember YOU have the amazing capability to be the mediator within your life and find balance.

What about Libra New Moon Manifesting?

Have you ever seen that meme of the machine with a sign that says ‘I’m broken, be nice with me’? Well, that’s how most of us feel right now, and if we can define this lunation with 2 words, they would be ‘emotional collision’.

One of the best new moon in Libra rituals is learning to find our inner zen, muster up some diplomacy, diffuse the drama, ‘cause anybody got time for that, and, last but not least, let our guard down, if we wanna have a chance to start fresh within our closest relationships.

Remember Libra has an innate ability for synthesizing opposites and the biggest lesson is gonna involve making peace with those around us. We have to let harmony grow - letting in what’s good for us, learning about what's not and working on our balance within. 

Side note: Meditation is a must right now and a spa day would be an amazing plan.

Don’t let the bad take control of your life right now. This new moon is also full of creative energy that will affect our relationships and things like negotiations are gonna be quite effective, as we are inclined to assert our needs in ways that don’t offend others. Remember: let the harmony grow.

New Moon in Libra Effects

The route to peace may be a conflict-ridden one, with lots of obstacles and oppositions, but at the end of the day WE and our energy is what decides how things work for us, and this is the most important lesson of this new moon.

We must stop feeling defeated and start dreaming again, focus on committing to personal goals and express the positive energies of Libra. We’re completely ready to learn and grow from different situations, blocks and challenges we’ve been facing all year, so it’s time to start battling overblown expectations and let the cosmic energy heal us and our relationships.

Let this new moon help you establish a sense of order in your life, and recognize the value of partnerships. Work really hard for harmony to help you henceforth and give your best to accept 2020’s circumstances, so you can be able to find your true balance.

Here are some new moon in Libra affirmations that will help you a lot:

  • I am balanced.
  • I am enough.
  • I let the universal harmony flow through me.
  • I am perfect as I am and the divine is guiding my growth process.

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