7 Healing & Spiritual Valentine's Day Gifts

7 Healing & Spiritual Valentine's Day Gifts
Authored By Michelle Rojas

If your special someone is a spiritual person who's favorite topics range from talking about astrology, birth charts, cosmic energies, The Universe, manifestation and moon magic, then you've landed on the right place for ideas for spiritual Valentine's Day Gifts.

We've put together a list of items we know every spiritual person loves and needs in their life. Some items you'll find right here in our store.

#1 - Ritual Supplies & Smudging Supplies

Most spiritual people practice some sort of energy cleansing ritual as part of their morning routine. Essential items for this include:

  • White Sage
  • Palo Santo
  • Incense
  • Abalone Shells (Smudge & Ash Tray Burners)

You may see them use these items during other rituals such as New Moon or Full Moon Rituals or even during meditation or yoga.

spiritual valentines day gifts ritual supplies

#2 - Healing Crystals

Your favorite spiritual person probably already owns a few healing crystals and you've probably seen them somewhere around their home.

Do you know your spiritual loved one's sun, moon and rising sign, as well as their biggest goals and what they struggle with?

You can create a list of healing crystals based on the above. Then, instead of wrapping them traditionally, you can consider placing them in a heart shaped chocolate box and wrapping them that way.

#3 - Spiritual Jewelry 

It's no secret that spiritual people love accessories and spiritual jewelry. Spiritual jewelry can range from:

  • Gemstone Bracelets
  • Gemstone Necklaces
  • Spiritual Symbol Pendants
  • Astrology Symbol Jewelry

#4 - Zodiac Jewelry

Most spiritual people are into birth charts and astrological signs. They usually rock jewelry that has one of their zodiac signs, more than likely their sun sign, which is the sign associated with your birth date.

We have a selection of zodiac script necklaces in gold and silver to choose from.

spiritual valentines day gifts - zodiac script necklaces

#5 - Spiritual Decor 

More than likely, your spiritual loved one has spiritual decor all over their home or bedroom. This can range anywhere from wall decor, artwork, specific plants, shelves and more.

If they already have a collection of crystals, a nice gift would be a shelf they can hang on the wall to hold and display their crystals.

If they are a social media content creator, wall art and tapestries with spiritual symbol can also be useful.

Soon, we will carry a selection of spiritual home decor.

#6 - Spiritual Books & Spiritual Journals

Someone who is on a spiritual journey is always looking to learn more about spiritual topics. Books whether in print or even purchasing audible credits can be a thought spiritual Valentine's day gift.

Pay attention to what your loved one is currently looking to learn about and if there are any popular book or authors that write about that topic.

Another useful item that is a great spiritual Valentine's day gift is a journal. A lot of spiritual people use journals for various purposes. One popular choice is a guided gratitude journal. Gratitude is a daily practice for most spiritual people because they know about the vibrational frequency of gratitude. 


#7 - Spiritual Apparel & Spiritual T-Shirts 

Lastly, our mission here at The Mama Luna is to help spiritual queens embody their highest selves through fashion and spiritual apparel including our unique designs for spiritual t-shirts and spiritual hats.

spiritual valentines day gifts spiritual hats


We hope this has been helpful in finding the perfect spiritual Valentine's day gifts for your special someone. 

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