What Does Aries Season Mean? Aries Season Meaning

What Does Aries Season Mean? Aries Season Meaning
Authored By Michelle Rojas

We are ending Pisces season 2021 and have officially entered Aries season, a fire sign. But what does Aries season mean? What cosmic energy will we collectively feel during Aries season 2021?

When is Aries Season?

The sun enters the first sign of the zodiac on March 20th, 2021 at 5:00pm EST, which is when Aries season stars. Aries season starts on March 20th/21st and ends on April 19th. This is the beginning of the zodiac new year.

What Does Aries Season Mean? Aries Season Meaning

Aries is a fire sign of the zodiac. Fire signs are known to be passionate, creative, spontaneous, inspirational and competitive.

The Aries season energy and Aries season meaning will have you feeling the Spring weather - a season of rebirth and new beginnings - new jobs, new relationships, new projects. Aries season is bring all sorts of good vibes and will make you feel like you're ready to go for what you really want.

During Aries season, other fire signs, including Leo and Sagittarius, will be shining bright. 

Aries season is all about going for your goals in life. It's time to look back at quarter one and check in on your new year's goals. How did you do? What are your new goals for this new quarter and season?

Aries season will have you feeling determined about these new goals and you will find a way and make it possible.

The fiery energy of Aries season will literally feel like you're having a fire lit under your ass to really get up and go after all the things you've ever wanted. The Aries energy really gives you the confidence to assert yourself and make a change in your life.

Aries is ruled by Mars, which is the planet of desire and drive. Because Mars is associated with warlike energy, Aries season meaning and energy can often be seen as aggressive, but when balanced, it is really just a pure genuine will to succeed and propel forward.

The spring weather and the Aries season energy will have you wanting to spend some more time outside and spend some time in nature grounding and earthing and soaking up Vitamin D from the sun.

aries seasoning meaning

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